Finally Time to Swim

We are at Palau Miossu, Papua, Indonesia. There are two islands here and today is our first snorkel day. EXCITED!!!!!

The time is “really early in the morning”. I feel the ship stop moving and jump out of bed, knowing the day is getting ready to start. I am heading out onto the deck as the anchor is being lowered and in the east the sky is just being to show red. I got the best photos of a fantastic sunrise. 50 of them. Ok I culled it back and only kept a couple but, every now and again get up early. It is so worth it.

The day starts with breakfast and the crew spend the morning checking out the snorkel site and get ready to herd us all out onto the island where a fabulous treat awaits. As at the previous stop, these islanders haven’t seen anyone for a couple of years and they have been practicing and getting ready for weeks for our arrival.

We are ferried by zodiac to the beach and are greeted by drummers and dancers, seated in the shade of palm trees on a tropical island to wait for everyone to arrive. Read that again and let it sink in. It was AWESOME!!!


A short speech by the local bosses starts a program of very catchy music and dancing by a troupe of young people. 15 minutes of this and we are free to take a short, very sweaty hike to a local monument, and/or start snorkeling.

The water is beautifully warm, and facedown about 70 people are disbursed along almost 300 meters of reef. The coral has moments where it is bleached and dead, but also is vibrant and very alive. There is very good fish life and it is an hour and a half well spent in the water.

Time for the ship and we are off again.