March 15th – Drake Passage

We made it through the Drake – Woo Hoo! Arriving into the Beagle Channel around 5pm this evening. I was feeling much better today and was able to enjoy the open seas much more.  Getting around the ship all day today was very entertaining. All the guests had very wobbly legs, straight line walking was impossible. Big waves all day and very unsteady movements.

March 14th – Drake Passage

Set for sail into the rough waters to make our Ushuaia port on time…..I do not have much to report. One word – SEASICK!!!! Don’t forget to put your patch on behind your ear in time for this to take effect.  I did not!

4.5 – 8 metre swells. What a roller coaster ride that was. A few people made it to lunch. While I was feeling a little ‘under the weather’ so to speak, I did still enjoy the roller coaster ride.

At 5pm we had a friendly fund raiser Auction, I would have loved the ship nautical map. Was not meant to be.

Other breaking news…as the world was shutting down, we were informed on this evening we would be required by the Argentinean government’s direction to go into Quarantine on the ship upon arrival into the port.  While they wanted us to do an additional 14 days, we negotiated 7 given that we had already been together on the ship.  This is when life really got crazy for everyone, getting back home was not looking good for many guests.  We were stuck!