Back at Sea, and Fanboy time

There was a long sail to our next destination at the top of New Guinea, so one more whole day at sea. DISAPPOINTED!

The expedition crew had laid on a couple of lectures, and from past experience, and lack of other options I attended. What a treat the first one was as the speaker was hilariously funny, extremely informative, and encyclopedically knowledgeable about the subject. “Naturalists in the Age of Discovery. Brilliant, Brave and Bonkers” I was hooked and laughed my way through the whole hour.

The ship’s Capitan was next, and this is when I realized my entire life, and all the travel I’ve done is just a whiff of smoke. This 46 year old man was the ice pilot aboard the research vessel looking for the Endeavour, Ernest Shakleton’s doomed ship. Lost in Antarctica in 1914 and only found this year by the second expedition, Capitan Freddie Ligthelm had everyone in the audience captivated and awestruck (me) by these exploits.

The morning flew away and in the afternoon the movie made by the history channel was shown. IT WAS RIVETING.

I learned at least two things from the day.

  1. You never know what is coming next, so no point being disappointed.


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