Land Ho


I have become exceptionally spoiled. I was on this same ship in April, and quite a few of the crew recognized me. The service here is simply outstanding and the staff are making this trip despite the slow start.

The food.  Oh my.  It took me two months to get over the last trip, and like a true professional I am right back where I left off. I hope we get started with the swimming soon.

Today we are at Triton Bay on the island of New Guinea. The bay is full of Karst Islands. These islands come straight up out of the water rising hundreds of meters in the air with riot of vegetation growing straight out of the rock. Think James Bond movies and you get the picture. There is so much to see driving through this bay and the naturalists of the trip are busy explaining about all the flora and birds.

We have time for a dip in the ocean and the water is so clear and so warm that the slow start of a couple of days ago is quickly forgotten.

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