A Long Voyage


Australia is a very long way away from Calgary. Big news I know, but until you have been 15 hours in the air you don’t really get it. This is the start of a trip around New Guinea on an expedition ship that will take us to some of the most inaccessible places on the planet. Snorkeling is the big attraction but seeing this part of the world has been high on my wish list for a long long time.

A few days in Sydney to get our feet on the ground and do the touristy stuff in the city before a flight to Darwin. We will have some more time in Sydney on the way back.

Darwin, and our group has gathered for the cruise. We wander around the city and for me the big attraction is the amount of Aboriginal art available. There are galleries and museums everywhere and the quality of the work is really very good. It doesn’t hurt that they are air conditioned and it is 37 outside and this Canadian is melting. A couple of hours in the galleries and it is time to board the Silversea’s Silver Explorer ship for the start of the cruise.


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