Day 13: Last day on safari

Today our group splits up. Half are going on to Rwanda, a quarter are back home to Canada, and 4 of us are going on to the south Serengeti. Before we leave however, one last game drive brings a pride of 10 lions. There were several cubs in the pride and cooler weather just before evening had them playing and wrestling. Magic. As light started to fade, we drove to a hilltop to be welcomed with a sundowner to finish the trip.

Those going to Rwanda are going gorilla and/ or chimpanzees trekking. Those headed to Canada find the start of winter, and the rest are looking to slow down and enjoy a more relaxed pace for a few days. I know its a tough life but being on Safari is not a “feet-up” kind of holiday. Generally, you are up before the dawn and on the road to get to the location of the day before the nocturnal world disappears. The day ends quite early, normally before 10 pm, but you are outside pretty much all day long, tiring as that can be. I’m looking forward to a walking safari, a night drive and a slower pace without the long distances. The herds are smaller and so is the terrain.

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