Day 7: On route to the Serengeti!

We drove from Ngorongoro camp along the rim of the crater a little more than halfway around, and then on to Serengeti National Park. We stopped along the way at Oldevai Gorge but more on that later. 

Roads in the part of the world are charitably classified as “highways” or bush roads. The highway was a less bumpy version of no road at all. Many of the bigger rocks were pushed out of the way, leaving a washboard that beat you around the inside of the Land Cruiser. The bush roads were smoother in that you couldn’t go as fast, but if you aren’t careful, you can tap the side of your head a couple of times on the window. On the other hand, we saw lions and cheetah hanging out in the shade right beside the road, and photos from a distance of 10 to one hundred feet are very common. 


One of the bonuses for driving between Ngorongoro and the central Serengeti was the stop at Olduvai Gorge. One of the oldest inhabited places on earth, the magnitude of the history of this place is astonishing. Fossil remnants of humans and protohumans go back 1.5 million years. The interpretive centre is brand new and most impressive. What caught my attention however, as we were getting ready to leave, was the view into the gorge. I saw two Masai standing on a rock outcrop. Much as their ancestors, and millennia of their ancestors did before them.

One feels quite insignificant.

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