Packing for Bush and Beach

When it comes to packing for a trip I usually wait until the last minute to throw everything I need into a bag just before heading off to the airport. This usually leads to forgetting something. This time, I chose to do something different and pack several days prior. The experience has been great and I actually have time to buy items I am missing like travel size toothpaste, bug spray and sun screen!

When choosing what clothes to pack, I stick to versatile items that hide the dirt, dry quickly, are multi-purpose (zip off pants), and are warm for those cool mornings. This particular trip has the diversity of the white sand beaches of Zanzibar and the lush forests of Uganda so I packed some specific items such as a snorkel and work gloves to protect my hands from the jungle thistles.

A few of my favorite items: Tripod, Canon 7D with Tarmin 16 – 300 lens, GoPro Hero 5, Selfie stick, binoculars, and noise cancelling headphones (essential for the long haul flights)


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