Let the Mara games begin

This morning we said goodbye to our gracious hosts in Samburu and hello to the Masai Mara. Flying over the landscape was a sight to be had, the winding rivers and small villages below being an incredible show for our 1.5 hour flight. On arrival to the Mara we could see herds of elephants and zebra. It was certainly a scenic flight!

A warm welcome awaited us at the airstrip with tea, coffee and cookies. This wonderful service continued all the way to Kichwa Tembo Camp where they sang and danced on our arrival. After checking in and seeing all the tents, including the beautiful pool view and stunning communal lounge and bar area, we were off on our first Masai Mara game drive. Directly leaving the camp we visited a den of hyenas, followed by a speedy drive down the gravel road to find two black rhinos, a couple grazing near the forest’s edge. A rare sighting in the area! After leaving them a slice of privacy we continued our drive. We were surprised by the large number of elephant families roaming in the area. With only a lioness sighting under our belt, we were estactic to come across two grand male lions feasting on a warthog, they were beautiful! Watching them feast while vultures from above and jackel from aside lurked for their turn to eat. Nature’s pecking order working its magic. It was not a huge feast on this occasion, however enough to warrant a nap as the 2 lionesses of the group walked on by them.

After a very successful game drive it was time to meet with our hippo friends for a full moon sundowner! As the moon reflected off the water we watched the hippos yawn and listened to the sounds of them bellow in preparation for their exit, as they started emerging from the shelter of the water to graze for the evening.

After a couple of gin and tonics the sky grew dark and we joined Timothy, our new guide, for an unexpected bush dinner. This event took our breath away even as we pulled up; lanterns were hung all around this wooded area by the river, and a special table was set for each group. A massive fire roared in the middle of the area, dinner cooked over huge bbqs, all next to a spectacular bar with every drink you could imagine. Everyone was abuzz with anticipation. The event started with a dance by local maasai warriors, singing, dancing and jumping around the fire. This is a welcoming dance and well received by everyone. What another fantastic end to a wonderful day! Time for bed!

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