Lions, leopards and elephants oh my!

What a way to wake up, coffee and cookies at the door delivered by a handsome Samburu Warrior. We joined Alois at 6am today for a morning game drive, at first all was quiet. After sighting the poisonous puff ader snake we got a call on the radio that a leopard had been spotted. No pun intended 🙂 We drove as fast as we could to ensure we didn’t miss the leopard…it was well worth it! Lying in the shade of a small riverine acacia tree was this stunning lady! After some time spent taking in this moment, we decided to find a spot for breakfast but not two minutes later we were off following a ‘hot tip’ there was a lioness in the area so we went to inspect. The lioness was hiding in the bushes, perfectly popping out to greet us for a wonderful viewing. After a short time she was into the bushes again…which meant it was really time for breakfast. Bush breakfast with the crocodiles by the river was just what we needed at this point. Never a dull moment!

Returning to the villa in the heat of the day after a wonderful game drive welcomes a moment to take in the luxury, relaxed atmosphere and stunning views from this hilltop oasis with its spectacular backdrop. We used this well deserved opportunity to experience the mountain top pool to cool off and the spa for a massage, all of which posess another spectacular vista.

To keep things interesting we opted for an afternoon walking safari with our Samburu warrior guide and, on this occasion, an armed guard joined us. It was lovely to see the smaller flora and fauna of the Kalama Conservancy. We stopped along the way to observe a cave, an important site for the samburu culture. Young men would use this site in the development of becoming a warrior. These caves were full of paintings used as a communication method and meeting point for communal meals.

After our walk and an early dinner we took off on our first night game drive. The twilight helped us spy on some nocturnal animals, a genet cat, a jackel, white tailed mongoose and an owl. A great end to a wonderful day!

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