On the road again

What better way to start your day than with a coffee from your tent, watching the sunrise and animals gather at the waterhole! Eagerly awaiting our 630am breakfast, an incredible buffet with omelettes made to our liking, we did a walk through of their other luxurious tents. All of which face the watering hole with an awe inspired view. With Albert at the wheel we made our way to Samburu National Reserve, driving through towns and villages both large and small. Markets plentiful and different cultures at large, we pulled aside and mingled with some local farm children along the way.

Just after entering the gates of the reserve we experienced our first up close encounter with reticulated giraffes, happily munching at the high trees. Arriving at the Samburu Intrepids Camp, we had way past lunch time and were feeling rather hungry! We were welcomed with a delicious 4 course lunch and a Samburu warrior to protect us and our meals from the cheeky monkeys. ‘Peter’ was quite the shot! The porters helped us to the tent with our bags, unzipped the doors to our new home, and we were pleasently surprised by the immaculate beauty of these four poster beds, permanent bathroom and complimentary bottle of red wine!

Time for another game drive with our wonderful Albert! With a site inspection to Elephant Bedroom camp on the cards, we made the most of our trip getting there while on safari. We encountered our first multi generational herd of elephants marching right toward us. To our overwhelmed state of excitement, a baby elephant appeared out of nowhere through the bushes and safety of its mothers giant legs……it was so tiny and so cute! These guys were at eye height and walked past our vehicle like we weren’t even there!

At the Elephants Bedroom Camp by the rivers edge and sunset fast approaching, we took this opportunity to embrace our 1st sundowner with a local beer called White Cap. We watched the baboons run up the trees for nightfall and the giraffes wander down to the waters edge.

Little did we know what was about to come! Driving home in what was now pitch black, Albert with his sharp eye suddenly jammed on the breaks. He told us to be very quiet and we immediately perked up to see what was happening. As Albert turned the car, to our amazement, there was a beautiful male leopard gazing right at us! These spotted friends are exceptionally rare to see! This was the perfect finale to our day at Samburu Intrepids Camp.


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