Ol Pejeta

Leaving the Boma in Nairobi took us 3.5 hours to arrive at Sweet Waters Tented Camp, our destination for the night. Traffic in the city was horrendous! The drive took us through changing landscapes from dessert to lush greenlands, back to dessert.

On route we visited the Fairmont Mt Kenya, which has 70 acres of lush beautiful gardens. Located right on the equator it houses an animal orphanage and even a 9 hole golf course. And the birdlife was plentiful.

Arriving at Sweet Waters was incredible! They have a water hole right in the center of the tented campsite and there were already zebra and waterbuck waiting for our arrival. It didn’t feel real!

After settling in we headed straight to the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Project where they house 35 rescued chimps. Some of which were in horrible conditions, arguably the worst being Poco. He was put in a cage so small he had to stand on his hind legs for 9 years. To this day he stands in this unnatural position, now in the sanctuary with his family.

We took off to the Rhino Sanctuary where the last male northern white rhino is kept where they are trying to maintain the species. Here we were able to feed and touch Baraka, a blind, one eyed, 25 year old black rhino.

Today was Karen’s first ever game drive and we were able to see a herd of elephants, a handful of rhino, Some zebra, the grant and Thompson gazelles, buffalo and impala. What an incredible first day of game driving!


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