Dolphins Galore!

Today was a great day! We left port this morning with an open schedule in hopes to see great marine life. It started with seeing common dolphins from the sea bird as well as sea turtles. After lunch we were surprised, the zodiacs were in the water and we were going to get up close to the dolphins! Driving through the pack was just amazing as they were really playful and showing off their skills of jumping and swimming. There must have been 200-300 of them ripping around. That afternoon we saw a huge blow which we thought was a blue whale until we got a little closer and saw it was a humpback. We lost it for a while but the next time we spotted him he was on the bow of the boat and all I could see from the second deck were his nostrils, while people on the first deck were covered in whale snot… very cool. Check back tomorrow when we’ll be swimming with whale sharks!

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