Magdalena Bay

We woke up in port where the vans met us for a very scenic road trip filled with cactus forests and volcanic formations. On arrival to Magdalena Bay we fitted up with life jackets and divided into groups of 8 in each “panga” boat which are run by fishermen in their off season. About 10 mins into the trip we saw our first whale blow along with its newly born calf. With the bay so calm they were easy to spot and at one time I counted around 20 whales. The best part was when one whale and its calf were right beside the boat and eventually went right under. This gave me the perspective that these mammals are massive! Some of the interaction was interesting as the mother would lift the calf to the surface for air and then it would roll off like a clumsy 2 year old learning to walk. We would go for lunch at Grey Whale Restaurant before returning to the water for afternoon whale watching; yet another great experience in the Sea of Cortez.


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