Half Moon Bay

Today we woke up in the beautiful Half Moon Bay. As we boarded the island we gathered as a group and climbed to the top of the ridge. With some challenging points it was neat to see Denell push through her fear of heights and get to the top for the ultimate view point of the bay. Its turquoise waters and perfect half-moon shape and several small sailboats it made for a great picture and memory. In the afternoon we would return to the island for paddle boarding, kayaking, and just enjoying the beach. A planned dinner on the beach would be a highlight as they served yellow fin tuna and BBQ’d chicken sitting around the fire. I took a little break to head a short ways into the desert for some night photography, capturing some neat photos using techniques such as painting which is done with a flash light when you have a long exposure shot. After we had packed up and everyone from the group had gone back to the boat, some of the crew came to the island for some enjoyment before we set sail to our next stop. With the crew we had a black light which allows you to find scorpions. On the hunt looking on the paths and under rocks we would eventually find several. With the black light they looked pretty cool as they were glowing. We would return to the fire for a night cap before heading back to the ship to bed.

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