Swimming with Sea lions

Denell left her camera in my room yesterday so we were both up early to make it to shore before dawn broke. The 6:30 zodiac took us to Ensenada Grande – a snug harbor on Isla Partida, a small island north of Isla Espiritu Santo. It was a good session and was nice to get out and get some shots. We returned for a quick breakfast before heading out on a long hike on the same island. The hike brought us through boulders and rugged terrain scaling to a beautiful lookout point with drastic cliffs where the powerful sea was hitting. We would return for a BBQ lunch on the top deck with burgers and ribs and to finish it off, homemade Mexican ice crème on a stick. I had the pistachio which was awesome!

We would head north for about half an hour to a rocky inlet known as Los Islotes for the opportunity to go snorkeling with the sea lions. We spent almost an hour in the water snorkeling around the colony with not much action for the first little bit… until one little guy got in the water to check us out. A few of his buddies would follow and we had sea lions acrobatically dashing around us pretending to nip at us which was quiet scary (I later found out the pup bites do not hurt nor cut you). A few of us would dive down and do spins enticing the sea lions to play and play they did. Spinning every which way made me laugh hard enough that my mask leaked in water. We would end it off with one of the other snorkelers getting his bright yellow flipper nipped, which was a playful act.

After we loaded up we headed north to half moon bay on Isla San Francisco, known as one of the nicest beaches in the world.


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