Kayaking with Frigatebirds

Today everyone was well rested as we slept in the protected bay. After breakfast we went to the island for a kayak excursion. Maddie and I teamed up in a double headed towards a frigatebird colony getting nice and close. After an hour or so we returned to the beach for a nature walk with Lee. On our return we got back into the zodiacs where the water was a beautiful turquoise blue and very clear. On the way back to the boat I saw a whale breech in the distance – 10+ foot wave followed by 3 more waves. They were too far from the boat to chase but a good indication that they are in area. The afternoon I stayed back on the ship and had a photography 1-0-1 with Steve Mourella, who imparted some great information. I spent some time taking pictures of the landscape and a beautiful sunset with oranges, reds and purples before taking in dinner and the after dinner talk by Lee on cacti species of the Baja. Ongava or aloe are not cactus’.

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