Espiritu Santo Island

Our group met at Casa Natalia today for a cocktail party before transferring to the ship. We were briefed on the staff and the boat and were told that there was a wind coming from the north that was going to make things rather rough. We had dinner in port and headed out to sea where it was rough until the next morning. A shore excursion was set for after lunch where we went snorkeling – saw lots of different types of angle fish, a moray eel and a few types of coral. Afterwards people chose to go one 3 types of walks, all at different paces and one a photography group. I choose to walk the beach which was nice seeing various coral, shells and rocks that had washed up.

Dinner was good – salad, short ribs. We have decided to stay put tonight to give everyone a bit of a break from the rough wind and good sleep in the south part of Espirtu Santo Island – diverting from the original schedule.

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